Packaging OEM
The combination of product packaging and outer box provides powerful customization capabilities.
We have our own mold department, which can process, design and manufacture on behalf of customers, precision plastic molds, and independently develop various product molds.
Quality Assurance
In strict accordance with the requirements of the contract, we provide products that meet the design standards and are of qualified quality.
Scheme Customization
Customize a reliable solution with more performance advantages and product returns that suits your current production environment.
Enterprise's Goal Create an internationally competitive industrial pump brand enterprise Create a leading reputation and reputation for industrial pumps at home and abroad
Management Philosophy
People-oriented,efficiency first
Give full play to the main role of employees and create good results with efficient work
Code Of Cconduct
Be sincere and do things carefully
Be a conscientious and principled employee
Company History

Company History

About us is a professional manufacturer integrating the research and development, design, manufacture, sales, engineering and service of crystal heads and related connectors. Since its establishment in 2000, it has been striving for excellence, relying on the efforts of all employees, integrity, pragmatism and innovative spirit of enterprise , The network equipment products created independently have passed the UL certification in the United States and are among the high-quality products in the industry.     The company pursues the corporate philosophy of professional management and professional operation. The company has passed IS09001:2000 and ISO14000:2004 certification. With a serious, active, strict and efficient style of work, it provides users with high-quality crystal heads and related products.
Development Purpose

Development Purpose

About us

    Facing the continuous demand and competition of crystal head products in the market, we have continuously introduced excellent talents, advanced technology and management experience, and already have a strong R&D and management team. At present, our products are widely used in routers, switches, network equipment, servers, Communication equipment, industrial computer, testing equipment, computer and security system equipment and other occasions. First-class product quality, honest and thoughtful after-sales service. We are deeply trusted and praised by our customers.
    In line with the service tenet of "I am the customer", with exquisite technology, scientific management, standardized production technology, perfect quality system, high-quality service, good quality assurance, new management concept, reasonable price, sincere To provide users with professional services.

Contact Information:
Tel: 0086 13801455938 E-mail: Skype: catvxuntong WeChat: catvxuntong QQ: 1265142288

Comprehensively provide the entire network series products, from RJ45 plug: 8P8C, 8P6C, 4P6C, 4P4C, 4P2C. To Fiber Adapter: FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, E2000 etc. Fiber Cable: N-port port, F-port port, L-port port, NL-port port, FL -port port, E-port port, G-port port.     At the same time, we also produce various fiber optic signal converters or fiber optic splitters, network splitters.

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RJ45 Modular Plugs Network Cables Tools Solution Accessories Optical Fiber Adapter Optical Fiber Cables Optical Fiber Converter Ethernet Switch