Precautions for cat6 of registered jack

Issuing time:2020-09-23 16:05

In Cat6 systems, it is not recommended that users make registered jack by themselves. Because of the limitations of the equipment and the professional level of the construction personnel at the construction site, the electrical performance stability of the jumpers made cannot be guaranteed, and the electrical performance is also the same as that of professional jumper manufacturers. There is a certain gap between the jumpers, so you should pay attention to the following requirements to improve the success rate of hand-made cat6 of registered jack.

(1) Attention should be paid to minimize the unbuttoned length of the wires that have not penetrated into the connector of the plug connector. Do not unbutton all the stripped wires, otherwise the electrical performance of the jumper will deteriorate.

(2) When threading cables, pay attention to arrange the threading sequence according to the standard, and minimize the crossing of cables.

(3) After the threading piece is worn, the excess cable should be flush with one end of the threading piece. After inserting the crystal head shell, it must be inserted all the way to the front end of the shell, otherwise the contact will be unreliable.

(4) The force of pressing the wire should be controlled well. The great force will cause the reed to be pressed too deeply, which will affect the reliability of the contact with the socket, and the small force will lead to the unreliable contact between the reed and the wire. A part of the outer sheath of the cable must be inside the crystal head shell, and the outer sheath is fixed by the shell to prevent the cable from moving inside the crystal head and affect the stability of electrical performance.

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