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Product packaging method & outer box, the combination provides powerful customization capabilities.
Strictly follow the delivery deadline of the contract, and prepare the operation plan according to the delivery time control to ensure the delivery.
Delivery Guarantee
Strictly follow the requirements of the contract and provide products that meet the design standards and quality.
Quality Assurance
The T+1 settlement mechanism ensures your daily supply and reduces the pressure on your capital operation.
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Product Development
We have a professional development team, which effectively improves the quality of new product development, shortens the development cycle, and wins the opportunity for new products to occupy the market.
Customize reliable solutions with more performance advantages and product returns for your current production environment.
Program customization
We have our own mold department, which can process, design and manufacture precision plastic molds on behalf of customers, and independently develop various product molds.
The plant covers an area of more than 1,000 square meters and the price is affordable.
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Development purpose
Company History
  Facing the constant demand and competition of crystal head products in the market. Continuously introducing excellent talents, advanced technology and management experience, we have a strong R&D and management team. At present, our products are widely used in routers, switches, network equipment, servers, communication equipment, industrial computers, test equipment, computers and security System equipment and other occasions. First-class product quality, sincere and thoughtful after-sales service. So that we are deeply trusted and praised by our customers.
In line with the service tenet of "I am the customer", with superb technology, scientific management, standardized production technology, perfect quality system, high-quality service, good quality assurance, brand-new management concept, reasonable price, sincere To provide users with professional services. is a professional manufacturer integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales, engineering and service of crystal heads and related connectors. Since its establishment in 2000, it has made great efforts and strives for perfection. With the hard work of all employees, honesty, pragmatism and innovation, the network equipment products independently created have passed the American UL certification and ranked among the high-quality products in the industry. The company pursues the corporate philosophy of professional management and professional management. The company has successively passed IS09001: 2000 and ISO14000: 2004 certifications; with a serious, active, strict and efficient style of work, it provides users with high-quality crystal heads and related products.
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