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The difference between Cat5e registered jack and ordinary registered jack

Issuing time:2020-09-23 15:57

There is no difference in appearance between the Cat5e registered jack and the Cat5 registered jack, which is invisible to the naked eye. The only difference is the unavailability of raw materials, durability, and the content of metallic copper. The connection method is the same, mainly because the impedance of the good quality line is low, and the speed is not easy to drop at a long distance. Today, the editor of Fangbei Electronics aims at everyone to distinguish the difference.

      Differentiate the quality of the registered jack: the registered jack is made of two kinds of raw materials, good raw materials and poor raw materials are easy to distinguish, mainly depending on the color of the plastic (black and black must not be good), plastic transparency, Whether there are impurities in the plastic, the resistance of the plastic (you can use the shrapnel to do a bending test, the poor raw material will break after a dozen times of bending), whether the plastic is scratched, and the luster of the terminal (most of the domestic fake and inferior products are not gold-plated, You can know at a glance), whether the terminal is oxidized (because the metal product will show red and black oxidation at the terminal cut)

      The most common gold-plated products are 3U", and other gold-plated products are 6U", 15U", 30U", 50U", 60U". In the classification of plastics, registered jack are now environmentally friendly. Basically, the registered jack are refilled and placed for screening. But if you go to the market to buy, you need to pay more attention, after all, there are still many fake and shoddy products.

      There are two ways to use network cables, one is parallel cables, and the other is interspersed cables. The method of interspersing the line is: one end replaces the 568A standard, and the other end replaces the 568B standard; the parallel line method is: a variety of the same 568A standard or 568B standard. The 568B parallel line is generally used.