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Cat7 registered jack

Issuing time:2020-09-23 16:05


There are two kinds of network cables, cross cables, and parallel cables. Cross cables: adopt 568A standard and use 568B standard parallel cables: both are the same as 568A standard or 568B standard (usually 568B parallel cables are used). 568A standard: green white green orange white blue White Orange Brown White Brown 568B Standard: Orange, White, Orange, Green, White, Blue, White, Green, Brown, White, Brown. The crossover cable is for connecting the computer to the computer.

       How to connect the network cable and what is needed, and there are several types of network cables

       Can only Cat7 network cable be connected with a Cat7 registered jack?

       Theoretically, it is recommended to make the crystal for Cat6. It is recommended to use factory-made jumpers of Cat6A or Cat7 without retail registered jack. It is difficult to make qualified Cat6A or Cat7 jumpers in the market before the registered jack Cat6A or Cat7 gimmicks have no practical meaning

       Whether the network cable has a connector meets the specification

       There are two connection methods for the network cable registered jack, one is the direct connection method, and the other is the cross connection method.