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Cat6A registered jack

Issuing time:2020-09-23 16:10


Cat.6A performance: The transmission frequency has been increased from Cat.6 250MHz to Cat.6A 500 MHz. The increase in the transmission frequency places higher requirements on the performance of each component. The previous key project NEXT/Attenuation/RL is in Cat.6A There are further definitions in the specification, and the wires/modules and jumpers need to be improved to comply with the specification.

   In order to meet the performance requirements of Cat.6A, Seco has made major innovations in the structure and components of the   registered jack,modified the internal   structure, and changed the form of the combination of the components and the registered jack. It has undergone 9 repeated revisions, verifications and summaries. Finally, it has reached the test requirements of Cat.6A performance. Compared with similar products, it has more advantages:

  1) Near-end crosstalk (NEXT) margin is higher than 0.5~1.0db

  2) The return loss (RETURN LOSS) margin is 0.5~1.0db higher

  Nexans requires that only two-piece products must meet the Cat.6A test standard, mainly to save threading man-hours and the cost of adding an additional component.

   Super 6 crystal heads are in the industry, and Shengco is currently at the leading level.