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Anti-rupture registered jack

Issuing time:2020-09-23 16:11


With the continuous improvement of product quality, the secondary molding process has also become popular. The impact on the registered jack is also constantly showing up.

Advantages of secondary molding process:

1) Better fix the wire, increase the strength of the connection between the registered jack and the wire.

2) The appearance of the product is more beautified and more personalized to meet customer requirements.

3) Extend the service life of the registered jack.

Disadvantages of secondary molding process:

1) The secondary process molding causes the registered jack to crack, which seriously affects the appearance and product performance.

2) Increase the technical difficulty of the secondary molding process.

3) The selection of materials for secondary molding has increased. In order to meet the advantages of the secondary molding process and overcome the shortcomings, it has been practiced and summarized for a long time. Starting from the improvement of the product structure, a new type of product has been developed, which effectively guarantees that there will never be cracks after secondary molding.