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Right-angle shielded registered jack(Cat.5E FTP Short MP8P8C PLUG)

Issuing time:2020-09-23 17:35

After the crystal head M0LDING, the net tail will be longer (generally about 25mm or longer), and it will take up a lot of space. Because of its tight space when used in a cabinet.

According to this feature, the M0LDING net tail is directly designed to be a right angle, and it can be designed to be a right angle in any direction to meet the special needs of the cabinet.

To meet the above requirements, you need to solve:

1. The problem of fixing the core wire of the net tail molding.

2. It is necessary to consider not damaging the core wire lay length when the net tail is modeled.

3. To solve the strength of the combination of crystal head and M0LDING. 4. The problem of ground wire welding and desoldering.

In order to achieve the design purpose: 2 small accessories are specially designed. 1 accessory is to enhance the strength of the combination of the crystal head and M0LDING, and the other is to fix the core wire when the net tail is formed to ensure that the core wire lay length is not damaged.

Since the same industry cannot maintain a suitable twisted pair when the core wire enters at a right angle, we have tested these jumpers.

None of them passed the Cat5 tests for near-end crosstalk or return loss. Our design adopts dedicated channel separators and carrier lines, which can ensure that the lay length remains the same when the twisted wires pass through right angles, and truly reach the product beyond Cat5 standards.

The right-angle shielded crystal head saves space and makes your wiring more beautiful.