Demystifying the 17 core factors affecting SEO ranking

Issuing time:2019-04-17 21:50

It’s easy to understand, easy to do, and difficult to do. A lot of things seem simple, but when you actually start the operation, it becomes fuzzy and improper. A large part of the reason is due to the core nature of SEO. Understand what is caused by deviations. In the ranking of search engine results, there are many factors that affect SEO ranking, but no matter how the search engine algorithm changes, the standardization of SEO on the site is always inseparable.

Many people encounter an embarrassing problem when they first learn SEO. After all the basic knowledge is learned, they don't know what is the key point, which leads to the use of post-H tags, TDK, code simplification, and keyword density. Obviously, it is difficult to know which feature points affect the ranking of SEO results. Every industry’s process system specifications have so-called key points, and SEO optimization is no exception. If you control the core nature of the site, operating SEO is relatively simple. Thinking determines the way out is a common sentence in any industry. This article will also analyze the importance of SEO ranking from 17 dimensions. With the help of marketing thinking, user thinking, and SEO thinking, each operation and execution plan that affects SEO ranking is explained.

1. TDK (importance: high)

The writing of the title can be refined according to the core demand words through the drop-down box and related search terms

Many times when we are doing SEO, the title will say "labeling machine_labeling machine video_labeling machine working principle-company name". This kind of conventional writing method can indeed add points to the title of the search engine, but this kind of operation method does not have any meaning, because you want to sell the labeling machine, just like I wrote an article in front of it called not for marketing purposes All SEOs are hooligans.

Note: The writing of the title must be refined by attracting users' click-through rate, not just for user needs, but more for marketing needs. The SEO perspective needs to meet two points. The first and the title contains keywords as much as possible (non-partial matching); second, the title length is controlled within 32 characters, and the description length is controlled within 60 characters. It is in line with the search engine. And user specifications. To describe this piece of writing, many times our demand words can be placed in the description, and it is not necessary to occupy the core position of the title. For example, the description can include "Provide a complete video of the labeling machine operation and an introduction to the working principle of the labeling machine", and naturally extract the demand word into the description, and the effect is preferred.

2. H label (importance: high)

If you really don’t understand the role of the H tag, we all know that there are title one and title two in the world document, although the H1 tag in the web page is not necessarily mandatory for search engines. But doing it is definitely better than nothing. Everything is relative. The text in the H tag allows search engines to identify the core theme of the page, second only to the page title.

Note: The H1 tag page is inexhaustible (must be included), usually we use the H1 tag at the top of the page.

3. Picture ALT/TITLE attributes (importance: general)

The friendly ALT attribute and TITLE attribute of the picture are convenient for search engines to identify the meaning of the picture, and it is also convenient for users to identify the content of the original picture when the picture is damaged.

Fourth, the attribute of bold text (importance: general)

Proper text bolding (keywords) can enhance the focus of keywords on the web page, but do not deliberately use bold tags in web keywords. For example, four, the attribute of bold text I used bold to emphasize the section. Many people do SEO deliberately to operate a point for optimization. Such behaviors and methods are not good for SEO norms.

Five, JS/CSS code separation (importance: low)

The separation of good code specifications and style files is conducive to friendly crawling by search engines, and it is also conducive to the resource allocation of spiders in terms of web page speed, especially for large-scale website optimization. It is more important that web code specifications affect SEO ranking. The importance is summarized as general because there is not much influence from the user.

6. Keyword frequency (importance: high)

Keyword frequency cannot be simply understood as keyword density. In the initial ranking of search engine results, keyword stacking is a common method for many SEOs. In fact, there is not much reference value for 2%-8% density. The frequency should not be determined by the percentage, it should be determined by the web SEO specification itself. The simple understanding is to be natural. For example, if the title of an essay is "My Father", the father frequency appears 30 times, and the essay has 5 paragraphs (similar to a webpage section with 5 sections). If the keywords all appear in the first paragraph, and the second to fifth paragraphs do not occur at once, if you are a teacher, even if the content of the article is well written, the distribution of keywords will unnaturally affect the scoring of the text itself. , If the keyword frequency is distributed in different paragraphs (sections) to maintain uniformity, it is more conducive to search engine optimization.

7. Keyword position (importance: high)

The location of keywords is mainly determined by the frequency of keywords. Naturally reflects the distribution of keywords. In addition to users maintaining a good user experience on the structural sections of the webpage, a strong SEO standard has also been established from the perspective of search engines. The webpage quality score has a greater effect.

8. Web font/color/typesetting (importance: general)

This section is very strongly reflected in mobile terminal optimization, such as text fonts, typesetting, etc. For PC sites, this kind of factors that affect the ranking of SEO results account for relatively few, because most of the overall structure of the website is relatively good.

Nine, demand word coverage (importance: high)

Regardless of whether you use external links or high-quality content to improve the effect of optimization, the coverage of demand words determines your ranking of some long-tail words. From the point of view of repatriation, a well-ranked site will always meet the needs of the vast majority of users, and the expression of demand words is also conducive to SEO optimization. And the greater the coverage of demand words, the higher the webpage quality score (you can use the drop-down box and related searches to determine the core words and other demand word analysis), which is a very important point in SEO optimization.

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